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 Ice Melters 

Safer for people, pets & lawns.

Designed with an improved, environmentally friendly formula, Safe Step® Enviro-Blend 6300 has melting power that outperforms simple blends, melting ice down to -10°F/-23°C. It also contains MG 104 to help prevent refreezing up to 2˝ times longer than other ice melters. This new enhanced formula replaces the original Safe Step® product.

Available in 10 lb. poly bags, 11 lb. jugs, 25 lb. poly bags, 40 lb. pails, 50 lb. poly bags.

Simple. Proven. Effective.

The proven, effective melting action of Safe Step® Standard 3300 Rock Salt melts ice down to 5°F/-15°C. Processed using a unique screening process that produces optimum-sized crystals for improved spreading, Standards 3300 Rock Salt delivers value.

Available in 10 lb., 25 lb, and 50 poly bags

Ice Melter.
Dowflake label. Calcium chloride flakes. Melts to -25 F. Generates heat on contact with ice and snow. When used as directed, it will not damage trees, shrubs, and grass. Needs to be stored in a sealed container that will not allow it to attract moisture so it will not clump. Should not be used around pets and should be applied with safety equipment (gloves, goggles, etc.). 50 lb. bag. Contains: Calcium chloride.

Lava Melt
Calcium Chloride Pellets
- fastest acting deicer.  Good to -30 F.
available in 40 lb. bag.

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